We’ve Taken Delivery Of Our New Dyno

We’ve Taken Delivery Of Our New Dyno

Welcome To Our First News Article!

Welcome to the first of many news updates to come!

At Phantom Tuning, we strive to offer our customers not only outstanding customer service but also the best of the best when it comes to tuning your pride and joy.

Our biggest piece of news, by far, is the recent delivery of our new 2WD Dyno Developments rolling road at our Bedford location which is capable of measuring vehicles up to 1200bhp.

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What Does This Mean?

Having the new dyno setup means that not only can we measure horsepower and torque, before and after tuning, but it also gives us a safe space to live data log to see how a vehicle performs accross the whole rev range. This is as opposed to live data logging on the road, having to deal with traffic, speed limits and other potential risks.

This also means we can now offer new services alongside our standard tuning practices. Being able to maticuously log live data and understand vehicle performance in more detail gives us a platform for larger builds such as ‘Stage 3’ and so on. Including the tuning of vehicles with upgraded turbos, injectors and more.

What About 4WD Vehicles?

Even though we have a 2WD system, you’d be surprised as to the number of 4wd cars that we can run on our dyno. Vehicles that use VAG’s Haldex system (Golf R, RS3, S3 etc.) can have the rear wheels disabled manually. We can also do the same for MK3 Focus RS vehicles and other vehicles. Even BMW’s xDrive can be turned into a 2WD system with the right knowledge.

If you’re looking to run your 4WD vehicle on our 2WD dyno but do not know whether the 4WD system can be disabled or not, just give us a call or send us a message on our contact form (or socials) and we can tell you.

What Have We Learned?

In our first month of using and operating the dyno sufficiently (with special thanks to the help we’ve had from the wonderful Michael Gurney at Dyno Developments), we’ve experienced a big learning curve. This includes how to strap various types of vehicles safely, how to operate the dyno software, maintaining the dyno and ensuring our health and safety protocols are up to scratch.

We’ve also started to see early signs that IAT’s can be a problem if the dyno cell is not set up correctly. Subsequently, among the various improvements we’ve made to our workshop for the new dyno, we’re now looking to add a full extraction system which will allow us to pull in cooler, fresher air into the unit by flipping the dyno and therefore, the cars that we run, the other way around.

Having IAT’s means that running cars on the dyno can be dangerous for the vehicle and also means that we aren’t able to provide true power and torque readings of what the vehicle is capable of on the road – this kind of defeats the idea of having a rolling road.

Unfortunately, as a result for now (06/04/2022), we are using the dyno at our own discretion and are not taking bookings for the public. However, we estimate that our improved setup will be ready in May 2022, at which time, we’d welcome anyone and everyone to use our dyno, including the trade.

Update! – We have now built a new extraction system and have a larger intake fan on order! We’re good to go and can now take dyno bookings. You can book dyno time at our Bedford branch when booking a remap. Learn more about our new and improved dyno setup at our Bedford branch here.

How Do I Book Dyno Time?

At the time of writing, the only way to book dyno time is to call us or to send us a message on our contact form (or socials). However, over the next month, we are developing a booking system, similar to our remap reg checker system, that will allow you to book dyno time on this page. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to add dyno time to your remap booking when you go through the reg checker booking system within a month or so.

Update! – You can now book dyno time when booking a remap at our Bedford branch here. However, it’ll be a few more weeks until you can book JUST dyno time on its own, online…

Watch Our Promotional Dyno Video Below

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