2019+ Ford Transit Custom Remapping

2019+ Ford Transit Custom Remapping

If you’re an owner of the 2019 model, Ford Transit Custom, you may have had a hard time trying to get it remapped. The reason for this is that this particular engine is fitted with a Siemens SID212 ECU. Currently, there is no remapping tool that offers read and write support for this ECU.

Unfortunately, this leaves owners with very few options as far as enhancing the performance of their van. One could consider an aftermarket ECU or engine swap, however, these options aren’t ideal, and are rather costly. Another option would be a tuning box but our opinion on these is that they’re no where near as good or safe as what a customised software calibration would offer.

There is, however, another option with Phantom Tuning…

The Usual Cost Savings By Ford (& Other Manufacturers)

Most manufacturers, tend to limit the number of engines they develop to save on research and development costs. What a lot of them do, including Ford, is overengineer 1 engine and sell the vehicle it is intended for in different horsepower versions.

For example, the previous generation Ford Transit Custom was sold in 100bhp, 125bhp and 150bhp variants. The engines and drivetrains were all the same, it was just that the standard factory mapping was different in them all. In essence, if you were to remap the 100bhp engine, it would produce the same output post-tune as the 150bhp version – it’s the same engine!

They’ve done it again with the later model transit custom, selling their 2.0-litre EcoBlue engine in 4 different horsepower versions: 104bhp, 128bhp, 168bhp and 182bhp.

Why Is This Relevant?

‘Remap’ Your 2019 Ford Transit Custom With Phantom Tuning

The reason we’re telling you all of this is because whilst we cannot ‘remap’ your Ford Transit Custom, we are able to improve the power and torque by altering the vehicles software version. We do this by applying Ford’s alternative factory mapping to your ECU through a specialist tool.

In short, we can turn your 104bhp 2019 Ford Transit Custom into the 182bhp version.

So, not quite a remap, but still, potentially an ~80% power improvement! As such, we don’t charge as much to carry out this service as we would if it was a full-blown remap. We offer this service at £150 including VAT.

How Does This Affect Warranty?

In all honesty, we don’t know… On one hand, you’re altering the manufacturers standard engine mapping for that particular vehicle, so one could argue that this is an engine warranty-voiding modification. On the other hand, the software being applied IS Ford’s software that they sell in an identical vehicle. That would leave the question as to whether it would raise any flags when Ford carry out their investigations for engine warranty work; again, we don’t know.

At the time of writing, none of our customers who have had this work carried out have reported to us: whether or not they’ve had to make a warranty claim, whether or not it was accepted/rejected and whether or not anything flagged during main dealer investigations.

At this point, all we can do is speculate. The safest way to be sure would be to ask your Ford service centre whether or not they would reject a drivetrain warranty claim if this work had been carried out.

Want To Book In?

So, there you have it. An alternative way to increase power substaintially if you own a MY2019+ Ford Transit Custom.

You cannot book this service online through our website, so if you would like to have this work carried out, please message us on our socials, call us or send us a contact form here.

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